Sustainability is important to us and we work actively to integrate the sustainability aspect both in terms of our own impact and for the meetings we organise on behalf of our clients. We have chosen an office that is Nordic Swan certified and we travel by local transportation and train as much as possible.

However, our greatest opportunity for active sustainability work is in collaboration with our clients, as it is during our congresses and meetings that many people gather. Depending on our client’s level of ambition, we help them make better choices for the environment. For example, we encourage the use of electronic solutions as far as possible, and we choose suppliers who focus on sustainability. We also encourage our customers to choose eco-labelled suppliers when it comes to hotels, meeting facilities, participant materials, etc. We aim for the meetings and congresses we organise to refrain from meat for all, or some meals and choose vegetarian options instead. For invited speakers, train is always the preferred travel alternative.